Killer Collection Of Social Media [Inforgraphics]

Killer Collection Of Social Media [Inforgraphics]

If you have a business, you probably use some form of social media to promote it, but how do you know if it’s working. Tracking your social media ROI – or return on investment – lets you know if the time and money spent on your social media strategy is reaping the results you desire.

Tracking ROI is much easier with traditional media. Business owners use surveys, as well as tools such as Nielsen black box, to track their success, or lack thereof. Traditional marketing managers can also include a phone number and email of the business. The number of calls and emails determines the success of the strategy.  It’s all pretty straightforward.

Social media alters the playing field. A news agency might post an article about one of your products or services, but the real story often occurs in the comment boxes. If the article attracts enough discourse, a number of people will tweet it, like it, pin it or G+ it. This does not immediately translate into sales, but it does put your brand on the social recognition map. Therefore, if a social media manager needed a concrete way to show the success of your strategy, they might use an infographic. Other social media strategists use infographics to make a commentary about the different ways that people use social media, and how it affects their ROI. Here are 10 of the most interesting.

1. 3 Myths of Social Media

WOMMA, the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, identified three myths associated with social media and ROI. These include: Likes and followers automatically translates into ROI, One Should measure social media ROI the same way you measure traditional media, and you should measure social media independently of other channels. This infographic illustrates the point.


2. The Marketer’s Paradox: Social Media ROI

The Marketer’s Paradox Infographic compares the Return on Investment to the Return on Influence. The latter relates to the level of engagement your social media profile inspires, as opposed to the financial investments and profits of your social media metrics. As indicated by the infographic, influence has a monetary value. Lenovo, for example recognized a 20 percent saving when they reduced call center activity and provided more support information on their website. One might wager a guess that many users were thrilled at the prospect of avoiding the dreaded telephone conversation with the call center in India.


3. How to Determine Facebook and Twitter ROI

Documenting hard facts about Facebook and Twitter ROI is a complex task, but this infographic shows concrete examples from well-known companies. Jimmy Choo, for example, showed a 33 percent increase in sneaker sales as a result of their Twitter campaign.


4. The Real Cost of Social Media

The return on your social media investment relates directly to its real cost. The first part of this infographic shows what major brands are paying for their social media marketing strategy. The second part shows what an average Facebook fan spends on specific brands compared to a non-fan. The graph reveals that a Facebook fan of a product or service is 28 percent more likely to continue use, and 41 percent more likely to recommend it to friends.


5.  Five Shocking Social Media ROI Statistics

Although many businesses use social media marketing, but 85 percent never bother to measure its ROI. This infographic shows the details.


6. Ten Examples of Social Media ROI

The Ten Examples of Social Media ROI  infographic is perfect for social media strategy specialists whose clients tend toward skepticism. It displays the ROI social media success of 10 different companies.



7. Social vs Search

In the early days of the Internet, savvy business owners knew that a prominent placement on the search engine website pages was a boon to business. Then, along came social media, and the businessperson’s presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest gained importance. The Social vs Search infographic compares the two marketing methods, and show how a team effort creates the best ROI.


8. Redefine ROI

The Redefine ROI infographic was created for what the author refers to as “networked nonprofit” organizations. The redefinition comes from evolving the mindset from financial transactions to return on insight, or how people perceive your organization, return on interest, or your ability to draw people into your cause, return on ideas, or what you can learn from similar organizations, and return on intensity, in order to amplify your organization’s voice.


9. Socially Devoted to You

With a shout out to those who love the movie Grease, the Socially Devoted to You  infographic shows that social media management does not only help you gain customers, it helps you keep their loyalty!


10. Seven Steps to Calculating the ROI of Your Social Media

And last, but not least, this detailed infographic presents  a detailed, step by step method for calculating the return on investment of your social media marketing strategy. This is one of the few infographics to put an actual dollar value on different aspects of social networking.



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